Willpower and me. Ways round my rule breaking habits.

Invented another muffin: fudge and apple. Josie made them.

I spend an awful lot of time coming up with ‘sensible’ ways to reward myself, my children and the family in general for the mundane nature of life these days. This is mainly because I have an awful lot of NOT SENSIBLE ways of rewarding that I really need to break as habits. I let […]

Watching our Solar System by Live Feed in a Safe Environment.

I’ve just done a quick check to find out what the schools our kids go to are doing to help kids experience the eclipse tomorrow. The answer, unsurprisingly and in keeping with a lot of other schools, is they won’t be allowed to be outside to feel the world go dark and hear the birds […]

Don't blink. 


I don’t know what I’ve written in previous Mother’s Day posts. Tears, pain, joy, gratefulness, love.  The whole caboodle.  Mother’s Day is best sidled up to when someone is missing. It’s not about gifts or even about being special.  Perhaps it’s about remembering the duties. Perhaps it’s seeing the space or choosing not to.  They […]

Sponsored Post: Working Mum?


Long term readers (are you still there?!?!) will know I’ve been an unconventional working mum for a long time. I’ve always been at least partly at home with my children and fitted working in around them – or sometimes the other way round. I was asked to write about a course that aims to help […]

Almost 5 years.

Saying goodbye to his tree for another year.

We’ve been listening to Wolf Hall; Max is highly familiar with it, having read it several times over the last few years. I’ve always shied away from it. I’m not sure why I haven’t wanted to read it, perhaps in case the hype felt overdone and the book disappointed me. I’m a huge fan of […]

Festive Food Treats with Tesco.

The (uneaten!) portions of our lovely gift of spending Finest food hamper from  .

A couple of weeks ago I got the most fantastic (and unexpected!) hamper of gifts through the post from Tesco Food. Since budget really don’t leave much money for foodie treats, I think it is safe to say we were all pretty thrilled. The kids did a quick audit to make sure Max and I […]

Editorial: Child Benefit Building Blocks.

Over the last few years we have been incredibly grateful for the benefit system, which caught us firmly when life made it almost impossible for us to function and rescued us through a recession and a time of family tragedy that made trying to rebuild a business ravaged by credit crunch and huge corporations something […]