Sunday Stitches: Crochet Daffodil Wreath

Happy birthday to our lovely baby boy Freddie, who should be 5 today. Always missed. #daffodilboy #babyloss #crochet #springwreath #spring

Just in the nick of time, the daffodil wreath got finished. I find it really helps me to make something in the run up to Freddie’s birthday. Out of eye shot of the girls who expect it to be the actual days that bother me, I’m able to process a lot of the emotions and […]

Sunday Stitches: Introducing Fritha the Crochet Mandala.

Seat sized. #crochet

I’m a passionate lover of Instagram and Pinterest, as anyone who ‘knows’ me on the internet will probably know. Instagram in particular works so well with a ‘mixed up lifestyle’ of family, work and craft and I find I use it as a sort of micro blogging forum; I often end up looking at it […]

Fudge Muffins!


I’ve been working on a set of muffin recipes that are easy to do and I can’t get wrong to make lunch boxes cheaper and healthier. My first attempt at healthy banana and sultana muffins have become pretty well liked and so I branched out. It’s not wildly different but these are pretty yummy and […]

Sunday Stitches: Spring wreath creation.

Starting this years tribute to my #daffodilboy

Short, sweet and late but here is a work in progress of the wreath I’m making for Freddie’s birthday this year.   I feel I should be more invested in this; it’s Freddie fifth ‘should be birthday’ this week and I’m simultaneously overwhelmed with grief that is stifling me and overwhelmed by other things that […]

Cooking up an Irish Feast.


A few years ago one of the girls dreamed about making ‘potato cakes’ in such detail that Max followed their recipe the next day and made them for her. This year I will yet again be kicking my heels while the chief cook and bottle washer of the house partakes of that delight which is […]

I suspect this will be the worst timed Valentine post ever.

#valentinecrafts #bostikcraftbloggers

I’m sticking with my ‘blogging it for next year’ meme. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, having been that kid who never once got the rose delivery to the classroom on the big day at school. It’s a humiliation you don’t get over until you are old and jaded enough […]

Sunday Stitches #ProjectFranBlanket (late again).

Less fell off the #UseUpYarnYear wagon than hurled myself from it. But I needed more colours for the blanket. Look at @lusciouslyloopy.crochet.yarn packaging though #stylecraft #stylecraftspecial #stylecraftspecialaran #projectfranblanket

I’m having a wip break and starting a project I know will take a while and I want to just ‘begin’ so that I can revisit it from time to time. I sneaked in buying the yarn mostly before the end of the year but made such dreadful choices that I had to add to […]