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Ummi zoomis are a big fabourite at the moment, making shape games a perfect fit for playtime #toddlerplay

Flitting like a butterfly.

One of the problems with being a bit of a ‘plant’ (opposite of completer finisher as opposed to ‘a bit of a vegetable’) is that the internet ends up littered with bright ideas you didn’t finish but that you really should have. One of these is MuddlePuddle which was my first ever site and was […]


Timehop reminds me. A timeline of Freddie’s life.

This time five years ago we were heading to the end. Tonight I’ll light the 2015 candles for the second to last time and from 9.15am tomorrow we will be starting the 6th year of life as a couple who lost a child. It seems impossible to believe it has been so long. It seems […]

Seat sized. #crochet

Sunday Stitches: Introducing Fritha the Crochet Mandala.

I’m a passionate lover of Instagram and Pinterest, as anyone who ‘knows’ me on the internet will probably know. Instagram in particular works so well with a ‘mixed up lifestyle’ of family, work and craft and I find I use it as a sort of micro blogging forum; I often end up looking at it […]



Sunday Stitches: Wreath Update

  I spent the weekend away in Liverpool with most of my girls which, given where we live, meant a fair bit of time on trains. I didn’t crochet as much as I intended and it was a very busy weekend but I have made progress. It needs to be finished by Wednesday night though, […]


Fudge Muffins!

I’ve been working on a set of muffin recipes that are easy to do and I can’t get wrong to make lunch boxes cheaper and healthier. My first attempt at healthy banana and sultana muffins have become pretty well liked and so I branched out. It’s not wildly different but these are pretty yummy and […]

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Kids Crafts

#valentinecrafts #bostikcraftbloggers

I suspect this will be the worst timed Valentine post ever.

I’m sticking with my ‘blogging it for next year’ meme. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, having been that kid who never once got the rose delivery to the classroom on the big day at school. It’s a humiliation you don’t get over until you are old and jaded enough […]

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Family Life


Fifth Birthday

We had a good day. There is always a conscious group effort to be happy in his birthday, not sad.  What would be the point, after all?   We went back to Anglesey Anney this year. The weather had threatened to be really awful, so we didn’t make big plans and then Josie came down […]

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I got my own back by making her do some parenting later on!

Sleeping like a baby.

Have had a lot of opportunity to reflect on parenting back when I had Fran compared to parenting Bene now lately. I’ve had children across three different decades and two different centuries – not only does that sound dramatic, but it really is. When I had Fran there were only really videos to watch (and […]

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Cooking up an Irish Feast.

A few years ago one of the girls dreamed about making ‘potato cakes’ in such detail that Max followed their recipe the next day and made them for her. This year I will yet again be kicking my heels while the chief cook and bottle washer of the house partakes of that delight which is […]

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Home Improvements

Living room

A living room I finally love.

Last year my dad (and daughters) helped me paint the living room to freshen it up and make it fit together better. The brown walls had got a bit old and dirty and it all felt too cold and muddied. A couple of friends warned me against a particular brand of paint but of course […]

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Life after Child Loss


And again. 

5 years ago today was Freddie’s due date. I’ve thought about that, rather than him, a lot today. How I could have demanded that scan harder, or listened to my doubts harder. How I could have bottled it and asked for him to come out today.  5 years ago I thought I was on the […]

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Reviews, Comps & Everything Else

At  thinking of you all & baby Tilda this week as you do the mummy thing and make Christmas happen. Xxx

Reviewing the #ZentasticXmas Asus Zenfone 5LTE.

The opportunity to do a phone review isn’t one that wafts past me very often; I said yes without really thinking about it and it was only then that it occurred to me, with a sinking feeling, that this meant I was going to have to try and find my way round an android phone. […]

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